Image Gallery

Apogonid with microsporidian (Glugea sp.) infection. South Australia c. 2010.

Snapper infected with Benedenia sekii. Hauraki Gulf,New Zealand c. 1999.

Stingray with Pontobdella loricata. Northern Territory, c. 2014.

Blue cod with Tenacibaculum maritimum infection. Wellington Harbour, New Zealand c. 2002.

Yellowbelly flounder infected by Nerocila orbignyi. Manakau Harbour, New Zealand, c. 1998.

Flat oyster from New Zealand infected with Bonamia exitiosa. Foveaux Strait, New Zealand c. 2001.

Blacklip pearl oyster with severe melanosis of the periostracum (conchiolin deposits) associated with mixed bacterial infection including Vibrio harveyi. Manihiki Atoll, Cook Islands, November 2000.

Cockle from Bream Bay, New Zealand infected with Perkinsus olseni after incubation in Rays Fluid Thioglycollate Medium.

Hoki collected in January 2001 from the Chatham Rise, New Zealand infected with "x cell pseudotumours" (now known to be due to infection by Perkinsus-like parasitic protozoa in the family Xcellidae).

Black tiger prawn from Logan River, Moreton Bay, infected with white spot syndrome virus. December 2016.

A javelinfish infected with myxosporean (Myxobolus sp.) xenomas. Darwin Harbour, c. 2013.

Forktailed catfish from the Northern Territory with multicentric orocutaneous fibrosarcoma. Adelaide River, October 2012.

Mudcrab from the Northern Territory in 2012 with grade 2 bilateral, non-perforated rust spot.

Didymozooid cysts on the gills of brown spot estuary cod from the Northern Territory. Darwin Harbour, c. 2012.

Golden snapper from the Northern Territory with philometrid nematode (Philometra sp.) infection. Bynoe Harbour, c. 2013.